League Representative

South Florida Regional Planning Council (SFRPC)



Mayor Joseph Corradino




Councilman Jordan W. Leonard




Commissioner Samuel J. Kaufman

(Monroe County)


The Homeless Trust


Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert, III




Commissioner Ricky Arriola




Mayor Francis X. Suarez




Elijah Stiers, Esq.


T.P.O. Sub-committees











Councilmember Anders Urbom


School Site Planning and Construction (SSPCC)  



Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca

The Beacon Council



Richard Kuper, Esq.


Citizen’s Oversight Advisory Committee


Mayor Karyn Cunningham


Vice Mayor Anna Hochkammer




Dade Miami Criminal Justice Council



Councilman Jonathan Meltz


Vice Mayor Rodney Harris


Councilman Richard Block


Children’s Trust



Councilman Isaac Salver


Film and Entertainment Advisory Board





Florida League of Cities



Mayor JC Bermudez

Mayor Claudia Cubillos

Mayor Joseph Corradino

Vice Mayor Rodney Harris

Miami-Dade County

Commission on Ethics



Wifredo “Willy” Gort


Neat Streets Miami




Councilwoman Vimari Roman


Miami-Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals



Councilman Robert Yaffe




Mayor Joseph Corradino


Miami-Dade County Public Schools Evaluation Committee-State & Federal Legislative Consultant



Richard Kuper, Esq.

21st Century School Bond Advisory Committee




Mayor Anthony DeFillipo



Councilwoman Mara Zapata


Jackson Health System General Obligation Bond Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC)


Chad Friedman, Esq.

MDCLC-City Attorneys Advisory Committee

Chair- Sonja Dickens, Esq.

Richard Kuper, Esq.

Victoria Mendez, Esq.

Miriam Ramos, Esq.

MDCLC – Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee 



Bennett Brummer



MDCLC-County Budget Committee



Andrew Fierman


Nominating Committee



Executive Board

MDCLC- Legislative Committee


Chair -Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez

Mayor Oliver Gilbert, III

Mayor Manny Cid


MDCLC – Transportation Committee 


Chair- Councilmember James McDonald

Vice Chair- Councilman Nelson Rodriguez

Councilman Jaime Petralanda

Commissioner Howard Weinberg

Vice Mayor Edgar Ayala

Commissioner Phyllis Smith

Mayor Oliver Gilbert, III

Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez